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18/12/12 19:54:04Ovum hails software-defined networking as the catalyst to flexible, scalable, intelligent networks
18/12/12 19:49:101 step forward, 2 steps back for IT services market as quarterly TCV reaches lowest level in 9yrs
06/12/12 10:10:50Ovum finds “live-to-work” ethos is driving faster BYOD adoption in high-growth than mature markets
17/11/12 20:18:48Ovum warns industry is ignoring complex factors when assessing the small cell market opportunity
30/10/12 10:50:06Ovum reveals “death of telephone” is exaggerated as OTT VoIP predicted to cost telcos $479bn by 2020
30/10/12 10:47:42Enterprises and outsourcers alike must own their social media strategies and offerings
13/10/12 12:11:21Ovum figures indicate that operators will lose $54bn by 2016 due to smartphone messaging apps
13/10/12 12:08:16Ovum warns: telcos in emerging markets risk being left out of the evolving mobile content ecosystem
13/10/12 12:02:51Ovum believes the Time for Enterprise Social Networking is now
13/10/12 10:05:38Ovum: Global OC Market Sales at US$1.6bn
24/09/12 17:56:52Ovum predicts that Smartphones to hit 1.7 billion in 2017
24/09/12 17:50:57Ovum Sees IT Services Market Boosted by Public Sector Megadeals in Q2 2012
13/09/12 16:05:35It will take more than iPhone 5 to knock Google off the top spot in the consumer technology war
13/09/12 16:02:56The new telco value chain should include over-the-top players
13/09/12 15:59:54Analyst view: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD
13/09/12 15:48:41Ovum predicts PON ONTs/ONUs and VDSL2 grow strongly in 2Q12, while other market segments lag
23/08/12 15:42:15Smartphone penetration in emerging markets to increase dramatically from 2013
23/08/12 10:45:03Governance will be critical in the bundled world
24/07/12 01:39:08iPaaS is not yet the ‘silver bullet’ for SaaS integration
24/07/12 01:33:49Ovum talks video conferencing and healthcare: a new chapter in collaboration
24/07/12 01:29:13Ovum: Global SPSR market to reach US$15.4bn by end of 2012
13/07/12 15:00:35Ovum suggests data centers are the “strategic service hubs”
13/07/12 14:57:23Ovum highlights the importance of partnering for continued growth in telecoms wholesale market
13/07/12 14:53:39New Ovum report provides case studies of agencies using cloud services
29/06/12 17:01:42Analyst Reaction: Google’s new Nexus devices fail to address Android’s big failings
29/06/12 12:53:50Ovum reveals Global OC Market Sales up 5% in 1Q12
27/06/12 16:08:16Crisis of confidence and desire to shift risk is holding back European outsourcing market
27/06/12 14:04:43FTTx on the rise in China
11/06/12 23:41:32Ovum warns smart cities inhibited by slow rising of IT-based modernization
05/06/12 17:14:23A new wave of protectionism emerges
05/06/12 16:37:08Mobile operators should co-operate on messaging
31/05/12 23:57:37Ovum finds that while OTT TV does not yet rival traditional services
22/05/12 15:32:20Ovum reveals a slow start to 2012 optical networking market
17/05/12 19:33:03Ovum reveals the future of “knowing your customer” in banking
15/05/12 22:41:36Financial outlook provides real opportunities for IT to break free from the cost cutting spiral
12/05/12 12:09:48There are opportunities if you follow the money
05/05/12 11:26:11Samsung launches Galaxy SIII
05/05/12 10:23:05Ovum expects smartphone shipments to reach 1.7 billion in 2017 and Android to dominate as OS
03/05/12 14:45:51Ovum sees tablets impacting wealth management and corporate banking sectors in a big way
29/04/12 14:56:50Ovum says operators face uncertainty in the expanding mobile payments value chain
29/04/12 14:52:28Google recognises the strategic potential of shared cloud drives
29/04/12 13:46:40Enterprise impact of Google Drive
24/04/12 21:54:59Infrastructure management vendors should move towards a holistic approach of delivering IT services
18/04/12 22:07:56BYOD is driving mobile device management market, but mobile OSs are the real constraint to solution
18/04/12 22:03:05Endpoint security vendors must do more to meet the needs of the modern enterprise
13/04/12 23:35:38Business intelligence vendors must differentiate themselves on agility & relevance
13/04/12 23:01:54$1 billion for Instagram must be worth it to Zuck!
13/04/12 13:39:47Telco service provider revenues hit $1.9 trillion in 2011
08/04/12 09:04:46Ovum forecasts social messaging will cost telcos over $23 billion in SMS revenue in 2012
04/04/12 15:10:08Ovum slashes IT procurement costs for enterprises; helps CIOs to justify solution investment
04/04/12 15:06:55New regulations will drive the carbon management in Asia-Pacific
29/03/12 19:37:05Digital gaming market in Asia-Pacific to more than double to US$30.3bn
26/03/12 16:39:21Ovum says the intelligent network is arriving fast and will transform the role of the CIO
21/03/12 19:13:22Ovum reveals the global SPSR market will reach US$20.5bn in 2017
21/03/12 18:11:18Ovum says business intelligence continues to be priority on IT agendas in 2012
18/03/12 20:20:49Ovum reveals global optical components market post 9% growth in 4Q11
08/03/12 15:31:02Ovum reveals customised apps are key to gaining value from tablets in the enterprise
06/03/12 18:43:22Consumers in emerging markets more inclined to use social media for customer service
23/02/12 20:01:37Government agencies are stuck in a game of ICT Snakes and Ladders
23/02/12 19:08:23Ovum reveals quarterly optical networking market spend reaches highest level in three years
22/02/12 14:04:23Ovum estimates that operators lost $13.9bn in 2011 due to social messaging
16/02/12 22:36:31Adobe beyond Flash
15/02/12 18:31:49IBM announces its mobile strategy and acquisition of Worklight
15/02/12 17:29:47Quality of service is more than just a buzzword in Asia-Pacific
13/02/12 16:38:24Enterprises see value in public cloud services
10/02/12 16:57:24Mobile operators begin to abandon unlimited data
09/02/12 18:51:24Skype helps “anytime, anywhere” learning
07/02/12 14:16:27Ethernet and high definition video offer the greatest opportunity for service providers in China
30/01/12 12:29:23Slow growth ahead for telecom service provider revenues and capex
24/01/12 11:17:24Android will replace iOS as the most important platform to developers, says Ovum
20/01/12 15:46:01Retail banking – IT spending on the rise amid economic turmoil
04/01/12 16:13:08Despite cost benefits & business climate, deployment of PC power management solutions remains low
04/01/12 15:35:19Key forces shaping software development and lifecycle management
22/12/11 15:36:32Opportunities for vendors to penetrate sustainability-related IT solutions
20/12/11 14:14:40Big data, security and cloud identified as IT ‘super themes’ in 2012
14/12/11 15:04:20Market softness dictates global optical components market in Q3 2011
06/12/11 15:57:34In 3Q11, FTTx PON and CMTS shipments well above 3Q10 level, and 10G-EPON shipments begin
30/11/11 17:53:58Ovum research reveals social media’s impact on traditional communications
30/11/11 16:57:10IT services market recovers slightly in the third quarter of 2011
18/11/11 20:21:4110G EPON equipment ready but market demand is weak
15/11/11 15:50:34It all boils down to reducing costs in 2012 for mobile operators
14/11/11 14:13:17Video conferencing will hit $1bn in 2016
14/11/11 14:11:42The future of telecoms customer service increasingly online
09/11/11 19:52:58Digital games market to more than double to $53 billion
08/11/11 16:57:12Apple and Google disrupt enterprise IT with bring your own device trend
03/11/11 14:24:40Android to make significant gains in enterprise smartphone market
31/10/11 15:28:41Businesses shun “risky” offshore call centres for higher cost local services
28/10/11 23:43:00HP announces it will keep PC division, expert reaction

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