Tropical's George Kaplanis interviewed at the H2FC Business Forum
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It was another great show for the TROPICAL team at the H2FC fair at the Hannover Messe 2012 last week. Tropical's recent announcement of a 500 unit natural gas fuel cell power generators deal coupled with Clearedge Power's similar announcement few months ago, were the hot topic among all exhibitors; two major deals arriving at an important for the sector time and indicating an increasing market interest and potential. The same time all eyes were turned on Tropical's introduction of the GreenGen NG-5, its new 5kW natural gas fuel cell distributed power system.

“GreenGen NG-5 is a natural evolution of our existing hydrogen fuel cell power generation system” said George Lagios, Chairman and CEO of Tropical. “Our goal is to offer to our clients a “green”, emission-free solution that will provide them with energy independence and will take advantage of the constantly growing natural gas infrastructure and distribution directly to the home and business”.


Fuel cell applications have been under development for well over a decade now but the cost and market perception prohibited their widespread adoption. Over the past few years we are seeing costs decline as well as criticism of distributed fuel cell power systems. According to a recent study by Pike Research, the stationary fuel-cell sector is becoming the trail blazer for the entire fuel cell industry, experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% between 2008 and 2010 with annual unit shipments soon expected to be in the order of tens of thousands.

"It has been a good show for us" said Konstantinos Giantsios, Director of Business Development. "It has been very encouraging to see how well we stand against global competition, despite the challenges we face back home". "There are significant opportunities pending and you will start to hear more and more about fuel cell technologies and applications in the near future and certainly more of us!".

“With the GreenGen NG-5, Tropical shows confidence in the prospects of distributed power systems and determination in leading the emerging market. As governments experience an increasing pressure to shift resources towards cleaner, emission-free energy solutions, we expect to see a synchronized significant shift of European state support in the next few years. As a result, Tropical is found before a significant market opportunity” said George Kaplanis, Tropical’s Director of Products.

During the 4th day, George Kaplanis, Director of Products & Engineering was interviewed at the H2FC business forum. You may watch his interview below.

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