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04/01/13 09:56:58EPO and USPTO launch Cooperative Patent Classification
18/12/12 18:35:25European Patent Office welcomes historic agreement on unitary patent
30/10/12 10:44:00Seven new languages added to EPO's Patent Translate service
13/10/12 10:39:31Major milestone reached in preparation for 1 Jan 2013 launch of Cooperative Patent Classification
05/07/12 00:27:08EPO welcomes historic breakthrough on the unitary patent
20/06/12 12:02:22European Inventor Award presented to outstanding inventors from Germany, France, Denmark & Australia
10/06/12 09:17:24Focus on user needs is IP5 Heads' main priority
17/05/12 18:54:56EPO and Russia sign agreement on machine translation of patents
05/05/12 11:42:04EPO and WIPO sign agreement to enhance co-operation
03/05/12 14:48:44Fifteen outstanding inventors nominated for European Inventor Award
20/04/12 15:20:13EPO/Logica save innovation economy tens of millions with patent management system
13/04/12 23:54:41Brazil and EPO sign agreement to enhance co-operation on patents
01/03/12 10:36:54The European Patent Office and Google remove language barriers from patent documentation
21/02/12 15:53:52Economic impact of patents: EPO and OECD strengthen co-operation
21/02/12 15:48:40Η εβδομάδα στο ΕΚ
06/02/12 23:59:57JPO and the EPO agree on cooperation in the field of machine translation
28/01/12 00:07:09Patent thickets, patent fees and patent quality: Advisory Board sets priorities for investigations
18/01/12 22:10:32Patent filings – new record at European Patent Office in 2011
16/01/12 13:30:28EPO sets up Economic and Scientific Advisory Board
01/12/11 21:37:33EPO and Chinese patent office strengthen their co-operation
30/11/11 16:29:00Major breakthrough in enhancement of the global patent system
10/11/11 14:56:40The Trilateral Patent Offices agree on milestones at their annual conference
07/11/11 22:10:38Oral proceedings on the "tomato" patent
26/10/11 12:52:19EPO and USPTO launch a new website for the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Project
07/10/11 19:03:56EPO President Battistelli and European Commissioner Barnier renew their commitment to cost-efficient
13/09/11 13:49:02EU and China agree to continue successful co-operation on intellectual property protection
10/08/11 13:19:05A true partnership for stronger Intellectual Property protection in China

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