Shifting Customer Expectations Will Affect Adoption of Outsourced Cloud Service Delivery Models
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Shifting Customer Expectations Will Affect Adoption of Outsourced Cloud Service Delivery Models

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., October 8, 2010 – Recently published demand-side research by International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals that the move toward outsourced cloud services will dramatically change the requirements that outsourcers and service providers will need to meet to align with the performance and relationship expectations of customers.

The study, U.S. Customers Give Outsourcers a Thumbs Up in Performance, But Expectations Are on the Rise with the Move Toward Outsourced Cloud Services (Doc #222817), indicates access to new delivery models (e.g., cloud, software as a service [SaaS]) is becoming very important. This increased need to use these new models is going to significantly elevate customer expectations regarding the performance of their providers and subsequently change their relationship with providers. Changing customer expectations will require that providers, particularly "traditional" outsourcers such as – IBM, HP, CSC, Accenture, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, and Fujitsu – radically alter their current outsourcing business models.

"Perhaps the greatest lesson of the Great Recession is the need for companies to be much more adaptable to changes in the market," said David Tapper, vice president, Outsourcing and Offshore Services Market research. "This fundamental need is a major force driving considerable shifts in the outsourcing industry – shifts that not only involve provisioning more targeted and innovative solutions – but also involve the transformation of the outsourcing industry from a labor-centric model of service delivery to more asset-based services involving cloud-based outsourcing."

IDC believes that players looking to compete successfully in the market for outsourced cloud services will need to develop robust road maps of how customers are looking to adopt these utility-based services that cut across entire organization requirements. As part of succeeding, many outsourcers and providers will need to make radical adjustments to their delivery capabilities, partnership ecosystems, business models, and service offerings. They will also need to extend their view of who they are and who they will be competing with within and beyond the traditional market of IT and business process services.

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