Greece is Changing. Give Greece a Chance campaign
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Greece has committed to the toughest austerity program in modern history. Hefty tax hikes, pension and wage cuts have reduced the primary budget deficit from € 24,7 billion to € 5,2 billion in just two years… but with a dramatic impact on the life of every Greek.

A new set of measures was recently voted in by the Greek Parliament. With a focus on structural reform, we have a chance to create a new Greece. A modern, productive and creative Greece with a sustainable future in Europe.

Further hardship is inevitable. Unemployment has already reached 21%. This is a high price to pay and it should not go in vain.

We are entering the fifth year of recession.
Our European partners have stood by us.
But we need continued support and the breathing space to get out of this vicious cycle.
And we deserve to know that there is a fair chance of success.

We are hardworking, taxpaying citizens unfairly labeled with stereotypes so easily handed out to Greeks today.
We are Europeans who aspire to a constructive role within Europe. We will deliver on our commitment. We have already made sacrifices. We are ready to do more. We are betting our future on this.

All we are saying is give Greece a chance.


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