TechCrunch: Witnessing The Rebirth Of The Greek Startup Ecosystem
MONEY TALK / MARKETS / WTM News Editor / Tuesday, 08 January 2013 00:00

Thousands of years ago Greeks plied the waters of the Mediterranean as traders and merchants. They were, perhaps, amongst the first ever entrepreneurs. But somewhere along the line between then and now that history faded.

Admittedly, inklings of that spirit remained in the world famous Greek shipping industry – but a reliance on government jobs and European Union subsidies did its best to quell the age-old spirit of entrepreneurship.

Four years ago, TechCrunch held its first ever meetup in Greece, appropriately enough by an Athens beach. Four years ago the startup scene there had only a tiny community of technologists to draw upon. But last Friday it packed a hall of just over 500 people and proved that at last the Greek entrepreneurial mindset was well and back home where it belongs. The event was standing room only. Read full article @ TechCrunch

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