Live Interview of GLOBO CEO C. Papadimitrakopoulos
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Live Interview of GLOBO CEO C. Papadimitrakopoulos

Live Interview of CEO C. Papadimitrakopoulos at Mega Weekend morning show, at Mega Greek TV Channel

The CEO of GLOBO, Costis Papadimitrakopoulos was interviewed by the TV presenters of the morning show Mega Weekend. In a full covered interview, the CEO described the trend of Mobile access to crucial information and how is now essential to the success of many businesses. GLOBO has succeeded in creating mobile platforms, the CitronGO! GO!Social and GO!Enterprise Server, that attracts alternative solutions in the retail and youth segment, enabling consumers, businesses and individuals to take full advantage of the opportunities of communicating and socializing.

Moreover, he focused on the first steps of GLOBO’s foundation, development, philosophy and strategy, the dynamic course and establishment in IT market and eventually the listing on London Stock Exchange (GBO:LN) in December 2007.

Over the past few years, GLOBO has been able to sustain profitable growth and strengthen its presence, by investing both in developing leading new technology solutions and business development operations, to be launched into key international markets, currenlty 15 countries, from Indonesia to Latin America. 

The whole TV show was regenerated by the fact of the recent recognition that the CEO and GLOBO won, Kouros 2011, as an indication of company’s progress and success in innovation and entrepreneurship. This award is actually a moral reward for all respective efforts of company’s management in the e-business and S.a.a.S field.

Mega Weekend is a popular Greek morning show with large audience, presented by the well known journalists Mr Manolis Anagnostakis and Iordanis Hasapopoulos. The show is broadcasted by Mega Channel every Weekend and is placed in the first position in the news cast field in Greece.


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