New era in business mobility with launch of Globo GO!Enterprise Server
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New era in business mobility with launch of Globo GO!Enterprise Server

14 December, London: Today Globo plc (LSE-AIM: GBO), the mobile, telecom and e-business software company, announces general availability of GO!Enterprise Server, an industry-disruptive enterprise software application. GO!Enterprise server is a solid, secure and flexible solution that can mobilize any enterprise operation and process on any mobile device, over any network.

GO!Enterprise Server provides a powerful, easy to use and cost efficient solution to mobilize any business operation and build apps that can run on any mobile device that a company’s employees or customers use. Today's businesses are undergoing a radical transformation. Mobile access to information, tasks, files, communication and business applications is now essential to business success.

GO!Enterprise Server enables the seamless integration of all these tools and provides a holistic solution to the enterprise mobility requirements of organizations of all sizes.   With 95 per cent of mobile workers using smartphones in the workplace, and 35 per cent of enterprises using mobile applications, businesses across the UK are facing on-going challenges facilitating the shift to mobile working practices and consumer gadgets entering the workplace.

IT managers face large challenges as they attempt to manage and secure the growing number of heterogeneous mobile devices. GO!Enterprise Server provides an environment for enterprises to mobilize their office operation and help them to develop and implement a mobile strategy.  It provides an easily managed solution, fully monitored and controlled from a single point of reference within an organization. It has the extensibility and security required to serve any mobile device operating system (including Android, iOS for iPhone and iPad, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Java ME, and WAP).

The GO!Enterprise Server in the out-of-the-box installation, enables businesses to mobilize their internal corporate email, contact, calendar, business directory files and folders, business social network, and several well-known CRM and ERP applications. With GO!3D technology an enterprise can Design, Deploy and Distribute (3D) any business application to any mobile client over any wireless network.

“As we look to the future, it’s clear that organisations of all sizes are moving towards mobile and are enjoying a wide range of benefits from the use of mobile applications. In order to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible, issues with security and management must be addressed. To make sure that corporate applications and data are fully protected, businesses should invest in a solution that will allow them to securely deploy and manage a wide variety of different tablets and mobile devices.” said Costis Papadimitrakopoulos, GLOBO's CEO.

“The launch of GO!Enterprise Server is a cornerstone for Globo’s international mobile strategy. We are already in the top UK and Global R&D performing companies and we reported record revenues of  €19.61m in H1, up 56.5 per cent from last year. GO!Enterprise Server represents a further step in the implementation of our international mobile product development strategy. It follows the success Globo achieved with CitronGO! in the global mobile applications market, ensuring that we are offering a solution using best-in-breed technologies helping businesses easily manage the changes that have taken place in the mobile market and capitalise on the business opportunities of mobile business.”

Key features of GO!Enterprise Server include:

Messaging& Productivity Tools

  • Full access to e‐mail for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, any POP3/IMAP4 and all global email providers. Efficient compression that minimizes bandwidth costs and the impact on battery longevity.
  • Keep employees connected with the office calendars, contacts, notes and tasks being accessible and synchronized.

Business Application

  • Provides an open environment with standardized APIs to connect and mobilise well-known business application, such as CRM and ERP.
  • Connecting cross mobile platform applications to the company's internal system is achieved using GO!Enterprise Studio.

Business Social Networking

  • By using the embedded Community environment businesses can create their own Social Networking place to improve teamwork, collaboration and information sharing.

Administration Environment

  • Offers a complete set of tools to manage the fragmented Enterprise mobility (across devices, applications, networks, data, security, etc.) in a uniform approach via an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).


  • High levels of security for business data exchange and storage are ensured by the strong encryption algorithms following the latest technology standards.
  • Additionally, GO!Enterprise Server utilizes all enterprise security policies on a group and/or employee profile level.

Cost saving

  • The GO!Enterprise Studio provides a user friendly graphical design environment that enables, even a novice programmer, to easily mobilize any applications minimizing the company’s human resource cost
  • With the GO!Enterprise Mobile Client provides a single point of interaction for accessing all office business operations, without the time needed to set up and install multiple mobile clients each one performing different tasks, that would otherwise result in tremendous cost and security overheads for a company
  • A company investing in the GO!Enterprise Server  can maximize on one hand the return on its initial investment, whereas on the other hand can achieve considerable cost reductions and efficiency improvement along over a highly secure environment.


As a leading provider of mobile services to the enterprise, GLOBO is pioneering a new era in mobilising business. Its revolutionary products enable businesses to become more competitive, by giving staff secure access to critical applications whilst on the go using their mobile phone or a tablet PC. The company is widely regarded as one of the most innovative companies in Greece, due to its ongoing investment in research and development.

Founded in 1997, the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange (GBO.LN). GLOBO operates in over 15 countries worldwide and has offices in Athens, London, Dubai, Singapore, Atlanta, Nicosia and Bucharest.

For more information about GLOBO please visit: www.globoplc.com

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