CargoDocs for Barges live in ARA Region
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CargoDocs for Barges live in ARA Region

VALETTA, MALTA, 28 February 2012: ESS announces the first operational use of CargoDocs for Barges.

CargoDocs for Barges provides a simple, web-based solution enabling users to replace paper documentation relating to the nomination and shipment of cargos on barges with original electronic documents.

The service launched in January within the ARA Region, with nominations flowing between Morgan Stanley and Oiltanking Amsterdam.  “By speeding up and streamlining the nomination process, CargoDocs for Barges is a positive development for the industry,” says Guy Jarman, co-Head of EMEA traffic at Morgan Stanley Commodities “It facilitates faster delivery of final loading figures from the terminal, which enables users to invoice and process more efficiently.”

CargoDocs for Barges is the result of an industry-wide drive for a more efficient barge nomination process; it was built with input from top traders, barge owners and terminal operators to ensure it meets their needs.  The service handles the creation/editing/forwarding of bilateral nominations, load port nominations, and the generation of load port and sailing advices from the terminal.

“Oiltanking is proud to be ahead of the curve in offering our clients the option of electronic nominations,” says Roderick de Rooij, Asst. Manager Sales & Customer Services at Oiltanking, “Use of CargoDocs is a positive change in the nomination process.”

“Our solution simplifies the previously tedious task of barge nominations,” says Cynthia Worley, Head of New Markets at ESS.  “Several clients requested that ESS focus on the ARA barge market and their ongoing input has been invaluable in delivering a solution which is user friendly and tailored to their business needs.”

A number of key traders in the ARA market including Cargill, ConocoPhillips, Glencore, and Trafigura aim to start using the solution operationally within Q1.

About ESS
ESS was established in 2003 with a mission to replace paper shipping documents with electronic documents. ESS is bringing trade up to speed by facilitating straight-through processing of trade data, providing users with cost and efficiency improvements. Our customers include many of the world’s largest companies including leading oil companies, commodities traders, trade finance banks, ship operators, surveyors and ships agents. ESS is an independent corporation, headquartered in Valetta, Malta.

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