Who Got Funded? September 2011 Venture Capital deal report
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Hi everybody,

Another interesting month went by with few Greek names involved in the company list that got funded! This month we have Stelios Sidiroglou-Douskos’ (co-founder & CTO) Locu that raised $600k in seed finance, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis’, (Vice President of Product & Engineering) Taptu secured Series B Funding, €2.5m from DFJ Espirit and Soffinova,  Jon Vlassopoulos’ (CEO) skyrockit raised an additional $2.6m in a round led by Intel Capital and Spiros Bouas' (COO & co-founder) Litepoint was acquired by Teradyne! Last months’ good news included Konstantinos Alataris', Founder and CTO of medical device company Nevro just raised $58 Million in new financing, Mark Kokoris', CSO and Co-founder of Stratos Genomics raised Financing for Validation of SBX™ Genome Sequencing Technology and Argyris Zymmis' co-founded AdGrok was acquired by Twitter. Bravo gentlemen!

Some more great news involve the launch of a Greek Gaming Innovation Cluster by the Corallia Clusters Initiative. It's commitment to participate and lead this initiative is expected to play Intralot, a global leader in gaming. So, game developers, get ready!

Some recent data on funding trends you can find in the following reports Venture-backed Exits Q3 2011, Fenwick & West's Silicon Valley Venture Capital Survey Reveals Improved Valuations in Q1 of 2011. Talking about funding the new Greek Investment Law is open again for proposals, the Commission launched 53 FP7 calls for proposals and the The ERC awards over €670 million to 480 emerging research leaders.


You’ll find below the September list of deals. Enjoy and do not forget to tell your friends about it! Share this post and your thoughts!

Best regards,

Konstantinos Giantsios


September 2011 Venture Capital Tech Deal List

http://www.ipcommerce.com/ IP Commerce offers a single-integration software platform and free development toolkits that allow for end-to-end commerce solution development and broader channel opportunities. $20.7M
http://www.vidyo.com/ Vidyo pioneered Personal Telepresence enabling multi-party video conferences using a personal computer, with HD quality over converged IP networks. $22.5M
http://turntable.fm/lobby Turntable.fm a social music platform that encourages hanging out with people and discovering music. If a DJ is playing a song you like, you can add it to your playlist, buy it on iTunes, find it on Last.fm, or launch Spotify. $7M
http://www.sportspickerapp.com/ OHK Labs is a mobile app development studio $100k
http://www.aquionenergy.com/ Aquion Energy is producing a revolutionary battery based on novel ambient-temperature sodium-ion technology. The Aquion solution offers an advantaged value proposition in nearly all stationary storage use cases; beyond minimized materials and manufacturing costs, the core technology has exceptionally long life, is safe and is environmentally benign. $30M
http://www.zocdoc.com/ ZocDoc is a free online service for patients to book doctor and dentist appointments instantly. ZocDoc currently offers patients the ability to book appointments with doctors in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix and Boston. $75M
http://www.dynamicops.com/ DynamicOps’ Operations Virtualization™ platform helps enterprises respond to market dynamics faster, easier and more economically than ever before. IT organizations can rapidly evolve existing infrastructure into on-demand private and public cloud services in just days. $5M
http://tenshatherapeutics.com/ Tensha Therapeutics is developing small molecule bromodomain inhibitors, a new class of epigenetic modulators of gene expression, to treat cancer and other serious disorders. $15M
http://doggyloot.com/ doggyloot offers daily deals for dogs and their people on all kinds of dog-related products and services.
http://www.askyou.eu/ AskYou is a new friendy network with aim on socializing people in a real manner.
http://www.clubw.com/ Club W is a wine club and online wine store for a new generation of drinkers: no stuffy pretense, no impenetrable jargon, just great, reasonably priced wine delivered to your doorstep and a community of like minded people to share the experience with. $500k Happyshop mission is to connect retailers loyal shoppers with the products and promotions they sell, based on the specific interests, location, and preferences of their customers, in real-time. $1.5M
http://www.umaine.edu/ The University of Maine is an American university with various graduate and undergraduate degree programs and research opportunities. $3M
http://site.cloudon.com/ CloudOn provides access to the productivity & collaboration tools you need, on the devices you love. $7.7M
http://adility.com/ Adiility is a technology company based in San Francisco enabling online to offline commerce transactions. The Adility Gateway and Adility Cloud provide the infrastructure for brands, retailers and merchants to transact with each other, from campaign creation to redemption and settlement.

http://site.nethub.co/ Cloud based tool to centralize consumer information from any type of marketing interaction of B2C companies, that let do a natural and intuitive consumer data knowledge and profiling based on innovate semantic tagging system. $50k
http://www.triposo.com/ Triposo makes free, interactive travel guides for mobile devices. $525K

http://www.viewray.com/ ViewRay, Inc., is a privately held medical device company developing advanced radiation therapy technology for the treatment of cancer. Using MRI-guided radiotherapy, the ViewRay system is intended to provide continuous soft-tissue imaging during treatment. $10M
http://www.punchbowl.com/ Massachusetts based Punchbowl Software is behind Punchbowl.com, the one-stop site that helps smart moms and savvy professionals plan a party from start to finish. The site guides a host through all of the steps of planing a party and solves common problems along the way. $580k
http://www.harvestpower.com/ Harvest enables communities to produce renewable energy and high-value soil, mulch and organic fertilizer products from organic materials. The company harnesses the full potential of organic materials by recycling energy and nutrients back into local communities through its energy gardens and its production of nutrient-rich soils, mulches and fertilizers. $1.25M
http://www.graphon.com/ GraphOn is a publicly-traded company (OTCBB: GOJO.OB) headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. They are an innovator of cost-effective, advanced solutions that help their customers access applications from anywhere. $7.1M
http://www.baseclick.eu/ baseclick GmbH is a start-up company funded and founded by BASF Venture Capital GmbH. It holds the intellectual property for the technologies and will offer this for licensing the technology, purchasing of their products, and cooperation for the further development of their technologies.
http://www.ilesfay.com Ilesfay ensures that the right data gets to the right person at the right time using cloud technologies. Their founders have over 30 years of combined experience solving the problem of distributed expertise and data for Fortune 100 clients. $350k
http://www.mindbodyonline.com/ MINDBODY provides business management software to yoga and Pilates studios, fitness facilities, spas, salons and other retail clients, giving them the ability to conduct ecommerce and their customers the ability to book and pay for appointments and classes (e.g., haircuts, personal training) directly over the Internet. $9M
http://alive.cn/en/ alive.cn is an online marketplace for Greater China helping brands and agencies with celebrity endorsements in social media. $500k
http://www.onemedical.com/ One Medical Group is a member-supported primary care medical practice that is redefining modern medical care by leveraging technology and innovative best practices to provide patients with affordable, high-quality care. $20M
http://www.ident-technology.com/ IDENT Technology AG provides technology solutions for working with e-fields in near-field communication and gesture controlled human-machine-interface. It markets its SKINPLEX technologies for detection, interaction, and identification applications in the capacitive near field and the gesture supported human-machine control applications in the form of licenses.
http://frenchweb.fr/ FrenchWeb, a blog and mini-media empire focused on the fast-growing world of French startups. $1M
http://www.morphlabs.com/ Morphlabs, Inc. delivers efficient computing based on optimized cloud architecture. Our mCloud Solutions enable us to provide the most cost-effective platform for delivering cloud infrastructure and and maximizing productivity for network administrators and software developers – empowering everyone to join the cloud revolution. $5M
http://www.amakem.com/ Amakem is a kinase platform company focusing on ophthalmology and is developing new treatments for serious eye conditions. Amakem’s product pipeline is based on its unique ‘Localized Drug Action’ platform which is designed to generate safe and effective novel kinase inhibitors that minimize systemic exposure with the aim of reducing side effects.
http://www.generalcompression.com/ Recognizing that the key to expanding clean power is stabilizing power output from wind and other variable sources, we are developing the General Compression Advanced Energy Storage (GCAESTM) system to store large quantities of energy from wind farms and make it available on demand. $6M
http://www.awarenessnetworks.com/ Awareness, formerly known as iUpload, provides enterprise-level white label social networking services. $3M
http://www.appfirst.com/ AppFirst is the leading SaaS-based problem resolution solution designed to provide application architects and DevOps complete visibility into their applications across the entire application stack. AppFirst is an agnostic solution, supporting a wide range of applications, regardless of language, application type or location (cloud, physical or virtual servers) and incorporates its patent pending “inside out” visibility. $4M
http://www.canvasdropr.com CanvasDropr is a free online platform for instant image- and video sharing. CanvasDropr is all about working and collaborating in a so-called “Canvas”, a virtual blank sheet that can be shared by an unlimited amount of people. All users can upload, move around and edit images and videos at the same time, with changes reflected real-time in each user’s canvas.
http://lanyrd.com/ Lanyrd is a directory of conferences, events and speakers. Visitors can sign in with Twitter to see events their friends are attending or speaking at, submit new events, add talks that they have given and build up their speaker profile. $1.4M
http://www.chatterblock.com/ ChatterBlock is a website that helps parents connect with each other, with community organizations, and supports discovery, sharing and coordinating in a trust-based environment. $500k
http://www.breatheamerica.com/ BreatheAmerica, Inc. is a company dedicated to improving how healthcare services are delivered to patients who suffer from chronic airway diseases - allergy, sinusitis, asthma and other related diseases - with the goal of improving outcomes, reducing healthcare expenditures, and delivering an exceptional, differentiated patient experience. $22M
http://www.mtpv.com/ MTPV Corporation is a clean energy company focus on innovations in Micron-gap ThermalPhotoVoltaics technology (MTPV). MTPV technology has been developed over the past 15 years beginning at MIT and Draper Laboratory and for the last 5 years in the labs of MTPV Corporation. $6.5M
http://www.biorelix.com/ BioRelix, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the discovery and development of anti-biotic drug candidates for the treatment of infectious diseases in the United States. $3.6M
http://www.mashape.com/ Mashape provides a world-class marketplace to manage, distribute and consume any kind of API in the world, both cloud and internal, both existing or just born, targeting every developer, company or organization committed into the Internet; dedicating always great passion to solve their needs and create value, with true focus on delivering open source tools along the road and increase the happiness of our community. $1.5M
http://www.deepflex.com/ DeepFlex, Inc., a Houston-based manufacturer of all-composite flexible pipe used in subsea oil and gas production environments.
http://www.cardiosolutionsinc.com/ Cardiosolutions was founded in 2006 by STD Med, Inc., a leading medical device manufacturer, in order to develop less invasive alternatives to open surgical procedures addressing the mitral valve of the heart. $3.3M
http://www.balancefinancial.com/ Balance Financial, Inc. operates as a daily money management company in the United States. The company offers an online bill pay technology solution to manage user’s daily finances. It offers monthly bill payment solutions, as well as review and analysis of bills, spending, and cash flow to determine how finances should be managed. $1.5M
http://www.riobrands.com/ RIO Brands LLC, a Conshohocken, PA-based is a leading supplier of a full line of outdoor furniture and other related accessories used for the beach, backyard, patio, parks and other outdoor venues.
http://www.solren.com/ Solectria Renewables, LLC is the leading U.S. based grid‐tied photovoltaic inverter manufacturer for residential, commercial and utility‐scale solar installations. Our versatile line of high efficiency products provide power solutions ranging from 1 kW residential systems to multi‐megawatt solar farms. $2.1M
http://www.g2webservices.com/ G2 Web Services, LLC is the recognized leader in merchant compliance monitoring and e-commerce risk management. G2 works globally with acquiring banks, independent sales organizations (ISOs), payment service providers (PSPs) and other acquiring value chain members to identify, mitigate and monitor risk posed by their merchants’ online presences.
http://www.truecar.com/ TrueCar was created by automotive and technology pioneers to show consumers how much people actually paid for a particular new car in their geographic area. More importantly, TrueCar will give real guidance on what a consumer should consider a good price, a great price or over-priced. $200M
https://www.rapleaf.com/ Rapleaf helps leading brands, companies, and agencies personalize customer interactions through deeper customer insight. As a new kind of technology focused information company built for the internet, Rapleaf can instantly return data such as age, gender and location on a given email address via its API. $1M
http://www.ambitiousminds.co.uk/ Ambitious Minds works with businesses that are serious about maximising talent. Their people will work with your people in the design and delivery of best fit training programmes.
http://www.polytherics.co.uk/ PolyTherics has focused on technology development in the area of biomedical polymers for therapeutic applications. The most advanced of its techniques, site-specific PEGylation or TheraPEG™, is being exploited in partnership with companies developing biopharmaceuticals.
http://www.redzone.com/ RedZone Robotics, Inc., a technology-driven company, designs and manufactures wastewater inspection technologies and services for municipalities, contractors, and engineering companies in North America. It offers robotics, sensors, and data management solutions. $25M
http://www.projectfrog.com/ Project FROG is a venture-backed company founded in 2006 with the mission of designing and manufacturing smart buildings – high-performance, green building systems that are healthy, quick to deploy, affordable, sustainable and permanent. $22M
http://namesake.com/ Conversations. The easiest way to discuss what you love—live. Namesake is a fast-moving, immersive world of instant interaction and fun. $1.5M
http://www.valen.com/ Valen Technologies, Inc., a predictive analytics company, engages in building, hosting, and monitoring predictive solutions for property and casualty insurance companies. $7.5M
http://www.fanduel.com/ Hubdub Ltd is the developer and operator of FanDuel (http://www.fanduel.com). Launched in July 2009, it is now the leading one-day fantasy sports game for NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL in the US. $4M
http://www.indiegogo.com/ IndieGoGo is a collaborative way to fund ideas and fuel innovation. On IndieGoGo, projects use the fundraising, promotion and discovery tools provided to build an engaged fan base of funders. They raise money and awareness and gain credibility through their number one resource: their fans. $1.5M
http://www.orphazyme.com/ Orphazyme develops innovative new therapies for the treatment of a family of serious genetic disordes called lysosomal storage diseases, and is based on discoveries emerging from the academic laboratory of its scientific founders $20M
http://hbloom.com/ H.BLOOM is an eCommerce company that provides a subscription-based luxury flower arrangements at affordable prices to consumer and corporate customers. $4.7M
http://www.internmatch.com/ InternMatch is an online platform that connects students with internships. InternMatch focuses on helping start-up companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations, to find and connect with highly skilled interns. $500k
http://adfonic.com/ Global mobile advertising marketplace, Adfonic, enables advertisers to drive results from display advertising campaigns and publishers and developers to maximise the earning potential of their mobile traffic. $7.5M
http://accesscorp.com/ Access Information Management, a Livermore, CA-based provider of records management storage and destruction services for hardcopy and electronic records.
http://vintnersalliance.com/ Vintners’ Alliance, a San francisco, CA-based marketing technology and database provider for preimum wineries. $1.3M
http://www.bountyjobs.com/#2 BountyJobs is a website where employers post descriptions of the type of employees they are looking for with the “bounties” they will pay if they fill them. Headhunters from all over the globe send candidates to earn the bounties. $5M
http://www.striiv.com/ Striiv, a Redwood City, CA-based start-up that develops portable fitness devices $6M
http://locu.com/ Founded by MIT graduates and computer science researchers, Locu is creating the world’s largest semantically-annotated repository of real-time small-business data. $600k
http://www.agencyq.com/ agencyQ (Q) is a digital marketing agency that excels in four core services: Digital Marketing, Technology, Strategy and Design. Q helps businesses harness the web to transform ideas into effective websites, applications and digital marketing campaigns. $1.6M
http://www.finestrella.com/ FINESTRELLA, S.A. de C.V. SOFOM ENR provides consumer loans for purchasing cell phones. The company also provides loans for fixed telephones, cell equipment, and accessories. $13.8M
http://www.powerassure.com/ Power Assure develops and delivers business automation software that reduces energy use and carbon emissions in commercial, corporate, and government data centers. The company’s software platform intelligently manages data center server capacity in real time, maintaining required service levels at optimum efficiency and lowest total cost. $13.5M
http://www.powergetics.com/ Powergetics, Inc., an energy solutions company, provides intelligent energy solutions to small-medium sized companies. It offers energy storage and data solutions that allow organizations to store energy when they are not using it, and provide power when they need it. $10.2M
http://www.affinitychina.com/ Affinity China is a private network which combines high-touch and high-tech with one goal in mind: providing access to unique luxury, lifestyle, and travel opportunities for our members. $600k
http://www.orphazyme.com/ Orphazyme develops innovative new therapies for the treatment of a family of serious genetic disordes called lysosomal storage diseases, and is based on discoveries emerging from the academic laboratory of its scientific founders $1.5M
http://hbloom.com/ H.BLOOM is an eCommerce company that provides a subscription-based luxury flower arrangements at affordable prices to consumer and corporate customers. $28.5M
http://www.phxx.com/ InternMatch is an online platform that connects students with internships. InternMatch focuses on helping start-up companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations, to find and connect with highly skilled interns. $250k
http://www.simpleenergy.com/ Simple Energy is changing how millions of people save energy by revolutionizing how utilities engage their customers. Simple Energy leverages years of experience in the energy industry and combine leading behavioral science and the tools of the modern, social web to engage customers and get the results regulators demand. $900k
http://www.ringcentral.com/ RingCentral delivers hosted phone systems that are designed for mobile and distributed businesses, and is the market leader in cloud computing-based telephony. $10M
www.backupify.com Backupify uses “Cloud” to secure online accounts through backup and archiving services. $5M
http://www.taptu.com/ Taptu is a social and media technology company. We build innovative platforms, tools and applications that enable highly personalized creation, curation, recommendation, search, discovery, management, consumption and sharing of content across all personal screen-based devices.
http://www.trunkclub.com/ Trunk Club is a clothing service for men. We help guys discover awesome designer clothes without any of the shopping. Hand-selected outfits, free shipping both ways. $11M
http://www.lucierna.com Lucierna has engineered a new generation of APM software (java, .Net & PHP) that is able to monitor 100% of all the transactions, 100% of the time while maintaining and overhead load below 2,2%. This changes radically the installation and maintenance requirements of the system which has allowed the company to acquire a relatively large set of customers in a very short period of time.
http://www.fastcustomer.com/ FastCustomer lets people reach customer service without waiting on hold, and helps companies improve their customer service experience. $750k
http://www.ozon.ru/ Ozon is the most popular internet shop selling Russian language goods – Books, Movies, Music, and Software. $100M
http://www.pharnext.com/ Pharnext SAS, a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the development of treatments for severe neurological diseases. The company specializes in drug repositioning. Its target pathologies include Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease; and diabetic and toxic peripheral neuropathies, as well as severe neurodegenerative diseases in general and peripheral neuropathies.
http://www.cardlytics.com/ Through a highly relevant, “market-of-one” approach, Cardlytics unites banks and merchants to provide rich rewards to customers based on their individual purchase behavior. Its technology tracks consumers’ actual purchases, providing the first digital channel that can guarantee offline sales and help consumers realize savings of hundreds of dollars per year on the products they purchase every day. $33M
http://www.echoecho.me/ echoecho is a mobile phone software development company founded in 2010 to create and develop cutting edge smartphone solutions. $750k
http://twitter.com/ Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to post their latest updates. An update is limited by 140 characters and can be posted through three methods: web form, text message, or instant message. $400M
http://www.theraclone-sciences.com Theraclone Sciences is a Seattle-based discovery-stage biotech focused on the development of novel therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of infectious disease and inflammation. $10.6M
http://www.platfora.com/ Platfora is a software company based in Palo Alto, Calif., building a revolutionary BI and analytics platform that democratizes and simplifies use of big data and Hadoop. $5.7M
http://www.sosonlinebackup.com/ SOS Online Backup is a pioneer of cloud storage technology. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, SOS Online Backup delivers simple, powerful and inexpensive online data backup for more than one million consumers, small businesses and enterprises worldwide. SOS Online Backup provides continuous protection and security for customers’ valuable data investments, with set apart features that include multiple redundancy and off-continental storage. $3M
http://www.steelwedge.com/ Steelwedge supercharges sales and operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business planning (IBP) with the power of automated collaboration and analytics. The Steelwedge platform builds consensus among sales, marketing, finance, and the supply chain so that companies can understand fluctuating demand, balance sales and capacity trade-offs, connect S&OP with financial planning, and measure performance against strategic revenue and customer service targets. $16M
http://www.linkagebio.com/ Linkage Biosciences is a molecular diagnostics company developing products that hope to improve and expedite complex genetic testing. Their initial focus is on diagnostic products for solid organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation where their proprietary technology will have an impact. $2.1M
http://www.alertenterprise.com/ AlertEnterprise™ provides integration of physical access control systems (PACS) and logical systems to deliver real-time global control, security and enforcement of governing policies, practices and regulations. $19M
http://www.oxtex.com/ Oxtex Limited is a spinout medical device company from the University of Oxford that manufactures anisotropic self-inflating tissue expanders. It is based on hydrogel technology which provides novel soft tissue expansion solutions that address a wide range of clinical applications across reconstructive plastic surgery and restorative dentistry.
http://www.seedcamp.com/ Seedcamp acts as a micro seed fund to invest in startup companies. Seedcamp invests all throughout the year, during Mini Seedcamp events that are held all over Europe.
http://www.worldone.com/ WorldOne, a New York and London-based research agency specializing in healthcare data collection for market research companies, agencies, and consulting firms. $25M
http://www.crescendobio.com/ Crescendo Bioscience, Inc. develops quantitative and objective diagnostic tools to provide rheumatologists with clinical insights to manage patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. $56M
http://www.spreaker.com/ Spreaker is an online application for creating and sharing live audio content on the Internet. With Spreaker, users become Radio DJs and host personal radio shows that can be streamed live and listened through a widget which supports all the major social media and mobile platforms. $1.1M
http://www.arsenalmedical.com/ Arsenal Medical, Inc., a biotechnology company, engages in the development and commercialization of biomaterials-based therapeutic systems to provide local and systemic therapies to treat chronic diseases and conditions. $12M
http://www.hooklogic.com/ HookLogic powers e-commerce media, a revolutionary way for brands and shoppers to connect in and around the e-commerce environment. $9.5M
http://www.lendingclub.com/ Lending Club brings together investors with creditworthy borrowers – reducing the cost and complexity of traditional lending – to offer borrowers better rates and investors better returns. Focusing on prime and super-prime quality borrowers enables Lending Club to provide investors with steady returns, even during the economic downturn
http://swrve.com/ Swrve gives mobile, web and Smart TV game developers the ability to deliver a personally-targeted experience to each and every player. Swrve’s predictive personalization enables developers to continually modify the game, maximizing engagement across an unlimited range of players. $2.7M
http://blog.ezakus.com/ The company features a groundbreaking audience targeting service allowing publishers and advertisers to easily set up social profiling offers with a cutting edge precision compared to the current standards. $3M
http://www.getaround.com/ Getaround provides a peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace that enables car owners to rent their cars - from Priuses to Teslas - to a community of trusted drivers by hour, day, or week using just their smartphones. $3.4M
http://www.filterboxx.com/ FilterBoxx Water and Environmental Corp. provides packaged potable water and wastewater treatment systems to the Canadian upstream industry. It offers water treatment systems, such as granular filtration, clarification, iron and manganese removal, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and desalination products, as well as water softeners and DAF systems. $9M
http://www.videoiq.com/ VideoIQ, Inc. produces intelligent video surveillance systems. The company’s products include Icvr intelligent IP cameras and encoders with video recording and analytics for building video analytics, content-aware storage, and intelligent networking into security cameras and encoders; and HD intelligent smart video analytics engines, which act as a digital guard, transforming video surveillance into a system for warning and security protection in various environment and under various conditions. $7.5M
http://www.guavus.com/ Guavus dramatically changes the way you do business with their solutions for Dynamic Decision Making. Their customers rely on Guavus to understand and react to unforeseen factors and changing market conditions. They are unique in their ability to provide managed solutions delivering timely and accurate insights connected to your business goals.
http://www.10gen.com/ 10gen develops MongoDB, and offers production support, training, and consulting for the open source database. $20M
http://enlightedinc.com/ enLighted, a company that develops advanced lighting control systems.
http://www.polyspot.com/ PolySpot SAS provides information access solutions. It offers enterprise search solutions, which handles various types of internal information formats and external data sources, as well as information can be aggregated from a comprehensive range of internal based repositories, such as content management systems, secured document management systems, and relational databases; start search program, a programme for smaller communities needs; and proof-of-concept programs.
http://www.cityryde.com/ CityRyde gives  all the tools someone needs to develop and launch his own bike sharing deployment, from the earliest stages of planning to the final implementation.
http://shopsavvy.mobi/ ShopSavvy is best known for its mobile app that allows consumers to scan barcodes to find the best deal from local and online retailers. Founded in 2008, ShopSavvy was the first mobile shopping application that incorporated barcode scanning as its primary search mechanism. $3M
http://www.regenenergy.com/ REGEN Energy Inc. designs, develops, and markets wireless energy management solutions in Canada and the United States. The company’s products include EnviroGrid swarm-logic controllers, which are attached to electrical loads to communicate and coordinate with each other to reduce electrical demand for commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-unit residential facilities. $5.5M



Valeritas is a medical technology company committed to developing and commercializing innovative drug delivery solutions that contribute to clinical and humanistic outcomes for patients, with an initial focus on the treatment of diabetes. $150M
http://www.wattpad.com/ Wattpad has revolutionized the way people read and write written works by creating a unique social network for readers and writers to discover, connect and entertain. $3.5M
http://www.superdimension.com/ superDimension is a privately-held medical device company that develops and markets minimally-invasive pulmonology devices that enable the diagnosis and potentially the treatment of distal lung disease. $11M
http://www.pixelqi.com/ Pixel Qi Corporation aims to design innovative LCD screens which solve problems not addressed by conventional screens. Its first products are sunlight-readable, low-power LCD panels aimed for mobile device applications.

Microlight Sensors Pte Ltd., a Singapore-based company that develops, manufactures, and sells optical systems, instruments, and components for sensor technologies.
http://www.savtira.com/ Savtira delivers an enterprise-class e-commerce platform for the marketing, selling and distribution of digital content and physical goods. Their Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model is among the first to market with a single-shopping cart for both digital and physical goods.
http://statsheet.com/ The StatSheet Network is a collection of fan-centric, sports sites designed to give sports fans the information and analysis they want when and how they want it. The network launched in November 2010, and currently consists of 345 sites that provide in-depth coverage for every Division I college basketball program in the nation. $4M
http://www.bonitasoft.com/ BonitaSoft is a software company created by the founders of the Bonita open source project. BonitaSoft aims at becoming the leading Open Source provider of agile Business Process Management Solutions for all types of organizations. $11M
http://apsalar.com/ Apsalar is a mobile behavioral targeting & analytics platform for iOS and Android developers. $5M
http://www.tremorvideo.com/ Tremor Video is a digital video technology company that serves the complementary needs of the media community. Their SE2 technology offers advertisers massive reach and proven engagement with their marketing messages in 100% brand-safe environments, while their Acudeo income engine provides publishers easy access to multiple sources of revenue and the ability to manage and monetize every video impression. $37M
http://www.xignite.com/ Xignite is the leading cloud services provider of on-demand financial market data and award-winning on-demand data distribution solutions. $10M
http://www.stickyadstv.com/ StickyADStv is a multi-screen advertising network which markets with major advertisers to advertise “instream video” delivered on computer, smartphone, tablet and connected TV.
http://www.acumatica.com/ Acumatica develops an integrated set of web-based accounting, ERP, customer relationship management, content management, and business management software to improve the productivity of medium sized organizations.
http://www.weemba.com/ Weemba is an online financial community that revolutionizes the way Borrowers and professional Lenders find each other and interact in a non-traditional “social network”-like format. $2.4M
http://www.ooyala.com/ Ooyala is the leader in online video technology, analytics and monetization. Its integrated suite of video technology and services gives content owners the deep insights that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue from video.
http://www.teladoc.com/ TelaDoc, Inc., a network of primary care physicians, provides telephone medical consultation services. Its physicians evaluate and diagnoses illness, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication through telephone. $18.6M
http://www.microvision.com/ MicroVision offers the PicoP® laser display engine to power next-generation display and imaging products for pico projectors, vehicle displays and wearable displays that interface with mobile devices. $35M
http://solarbridgetech.com/ SolarBridge Technologies, formerly SmartSpark Energy Systems, was founded in 2004 to commercialize power electronics technologies created at the University of Illinois. In early 2009, they launched a new corporate strategy to focus exclusively on the solar industry with microinverter and monitoring solutions. $2.3M
http://innopad.com/ innoPad researches and manufactures polishing pads for use in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), a critical process in semiconductor manufacturing. innoPad’s goal is to become your preferred CMP pad partner by offering drop-in products today and customizable solutions for the future. $2.7M
http://www.aiexchange.com/ AI Exchange, through its subsidiaries, AI Advisors and AI Exchange Technologies, has developed a web-based technology and investment advisory platform to bridge the alternative investment and Investment Advisor markets. $1.5M
https://www.jetsuite.com/ JetSuite, the nation’s fastest-growing private jet company. $7M
http://www.rfsurg.com/ RF Surgical Systems, Inc. is the market leader in the detection and prevention of retained surgical sponges. The RF Surgical Detection System is the preferred solution in more than 1,500 operating rooms, trauma and labor and delivery suites nationwide. $12M
http://www.am-pharma.com/ AM-Pharma B.V., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the development and commercialization of therapeutics for human use in the Netherlands. It focuses in the pre-clinical and clinical development of novel therapeutics to treat inflammatory and infectious diseases.
http://www.currentgrid.com/ CURRENT, a Germantown, MD-based provider of core smart grid infrastructure and software solutions. $13M
http://www.letitrain.com/ The Rainmaker Group, an Atlanta, GA, software as a service provider of revenue management and profit optimization solutions to multi-family housing, gaming properties and hospitality companies. $9M
http://www.arrienpharma.com/ Arrien Pharmaceuticals is a small molecule targeted therapeutics drug discovery and development company working towards targeting cell signaling pathways - A target class in treating neurodegenerative, Cancer, Inflammatory and Metabolic diseases. $2M
http://www.spectrumbridge.com Spectrum Bridge is a privately held, telecommunication software company focused on making bandwidth more readily available to enterprises and consumers. The Company’s core business is providing greater availability and access to wireless bandwidth and the efficient allocation of spectrum within a wireless network. $8.8M
http://www.kwestr.com/ Kwestr enables people and companies to accomplish goals, solve problems and get stuff done by breaking large problems into a gamified and manageable step by step tasks that can be shared with friends and contacts via social networks and media in a fun and engaging way. $57k
http://www.prismskylabs.com/ Prism Skylabs brings physical spaces online, creating new places for people and businesses to understand and engage each other. $1.5M
http://www.tail-f.com/ Tail-f Systems AB designs, develops, and markets on-device configuration management solutions for network equipment providers. Its suite enables application management, automated configuration, and data synchronization services. $4M
http://www.operasolutions.com/ Opera Solutions is a leader in applying advanced analytics to Big Data challenges. The firm uses a combination of analytics, technology, large-scale data management, and human expertise to serve large and mid-sized clients in a number of sectors, including financial services, investment firms, consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, distribution and government. $84M
http://www.zhenai.com/ Leading Chinese dating site, a combination of online dating and telephone based matchmaking. It was formerly known as 96333.com. “Zhen” means cherish and “ai” means love.
http://redrobotlabs.com/ Red Robot Labs is a mobile gaming start-up located in Palo Alto, California. The company was founded in January 2011 by a team of industry veterans who are passionate about creating innovative, highly polished mobile-social games. $8.5M


Mertado is a social shopping company that lets consumers discover and buy new products within the online communities that they frequent. Mertado mirrors the real world shopping experience by enabling users to discover unique products that meet their lifestyle needs, and adds a social context around these purchases. $2.3M
http://www.omni-id.com/ Omni-ID is a leading supplier of passive low-profile UHF RFID tags. The company is focused on delivering affordable high-performance tags that work reliably in harsh environments-including metals and liquids. Omni-ID technology affords customers complete accuracy in the identification and management of high value assets. $8M
http://www.gojee.com/ Gojee is a custom curated recipe website personalized to user preferences and user-specific ingredients. $1.2M
http://www.nabsys.com/ NABsys is a life sciences company working at the intersection of physics, biology, and computer science to revolutionize medicine through clinical-grade whole-genome DNA sequencing. $10M
http://www.misomedia.com/ Miso Media is a Los Angeles-based developer of mobile applications specializing in Music Education. $2.4M
http://www.mequilibrium.com/ meQuilibrium, a Boston, MA-based provider of online stress management solutions for consumers and employers. $2.3M
http://www.telecomsys.com/ TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) is a leading provider of mission-critical wireless data solutions to government customers, public safety, and carriers. $20.7M
http://processunity.com/ ProcessUnity provides Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions to help companies with regulatory compliance and operational control. $920k
http://sympoz.com/ Sympoz is an online interactive learning platform using Time Index Technology. $6M
http://goinstant.com/ GoInstant is currently invite only. Sign up at http://goinstant.com to be notified as new accounts become available. $1.7M
http://www.enertrac.com/ Enertrac, Inc. designs and manufactures residential and commercial fuel, oil, and propane tank monitoring products. $4.2M
http://www.acumentrics.com/ Acumentrics was founded as a manufacturer of custom power products. The company quickly became an industry leader in rugged AC and DC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for military and industrial power conditioning and backup. Their RuggedUPS products are trusted in punishing environments found in war, heavy industry, and transportation. $2.5M
http://www.base79.com/ Base79 simplifies the digital video landscape to create new profits for leading rights-holders throughout the world. With offices in the world’s leading advertising markets, Base79 is led by a team of experienced media professionals catalysing the developing world of online video for content owners.
http://synthesio.com Synthesio is an international web monitoring and analysis company that provides online reputation dashboards along with custom metrics and influencers mapping to agencies, marketing and communications departments. $2M
http://www.inmobi.com/ InMobi is the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network. With offices on four continents, it provides advertisers, publishers and developers with a uniquely global solution for advertising. $200M
http://www.firehost.com/ FireHost is a Dallas, TX based secure cloud hosting company that delivers secure web hosting solutions to Ecommerce, SaaS, healthcare IT and security companies around the world. $10M
http://www.miicard.com/ miiCard is a user-centric federated Identity, a digital passport, service enabling for the first time pure online validation that “you are who you say you are”. Empowering for the first time the execution of all financial transactions purely online and in real time, miiCard will become a standard, a digital passport, that supports consumers travelling the Internet.
http://www.accunostics.co.uk/ AccuNostics is a UK-based medical diagnostics company, operating at the cutting edge of the self monitoring and point-of-care industry.
http://www.saveup.com/ SaveUp, a nationwide rewards program for personal savings. $2M
http://www.unigo.com/ Powered by a network of the nation’s top college counselors and a vibrant community of enrolled college students, Unigo is the Web’s largest resource of information to find, get in and pay for college. $1.6M
http://cloudcontrol.com/ cloudControl is a developer focused PaaS provider
http://www.getabl.com/ Its a Real Time Communication Utility. We call it an “Action Engine”. We facilitate tiny commercial conversations. $240k
http://www.roambi.com/ MeLLmo is reinventing how people interact with enterprise data and improving the way on-the-go people make decisions. $30M
http://www.gshiftlabs.com/ SEO Software that helps you optimize an entire web presence and deliver on your Organic Search Strategy through recommendations & reporting. $1.1M
http://liveintent.com/splash.php LiveIntent solves a universal problem faced by publishers, advertisers and agencies: How to effectively sell and buy email ad inventory. LiveIntent for Publishers (LFP) combines a powerful prediction engine with an ad management and targeting facility that works in the inbox making realtime ad serving a possibility for the first time. $8M
http://www.alphabetenergy.com/ Alphabet Energy, Inc. is commercializing a breakthrough, inexpensive waste heat recovery technology developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our revolutionary thermoelectric approach and materials platform is the only of its kind that lends itself to massive scale at low cost. $12M
http://www.vilabs.com/ V.i. Laboratories, Inc. provides anti-piracy and software protection solutions that secure applications against piracy, tampering, and code theft. It offers CodeArmor platform, which enables companies to recover revenue from piracy and protect their software intellectual property by detecting, reporting, and preventing the misuse of their applications. $500k
http://pinterest.com/ Pinterest is a social catalog service. Think of it as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and “follow” collections created by people with great taste. $10M
http://hootsuite.com// HootSuite helps organizations use the social web to launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audience, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels. $3M
http://www.skorpiosinc.com Skorpios Technologies, Inc., a development stage company, intends to offer opto-electronic modules for development of next generation communications ecosystem. $19M
http://www.cellerant.com/ Cellerant Therapeutics is a biotechnology company with a portfolio of products based on the regulation of the hematopoietic (blood-forming) system. The company focuses on curative therapies for seriously ill patients. $16.7M
http://longboardmedia.com Longboard Media is the leading commerce vertical ad network representing only premium shopping, product review and retail publishers. $6M

Niveus Medical, Inc. develops and offers technologies to keep key muscle groups strong during periods of sedation and bed rest so as to accelerate patient recovery in the ICU. The company owns the brand IntelliSTIM. $2M
http://www.pharmasecure.com/ PharmaSecure, Inc. designs and develops drug authentication platforms for consumers and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States and India. It offers an SMS authentication technology for consumers to verify whether a medicine is authentic by sending a text message to a phone number using a unique identifier applied to the package.
http://www.bloomenergy.com/ Bloom Energy, formerly Ion America, makes bio- and hydrogen fuel cells. Their “Bloom Boxes” are already being tested out by Google, FedEx, eBay, and others. $150M
http://www.xenith.com/ Xenith, LLC manufactures football helmets. $2.7M
http://gamerizon.com/ Gamerizon is a Montreal-based independent studio specialized in the development of high quality mobile and casual games. $5M
http://www.cleanpowerfinance.com/ Clean Power Finance is the leading provider of integrated software, services and financing solutions to the solar industry. Based in San Francisco, the company’s mission is to drive the adoption of renewable energy in the mass market. $25M
http://www.beautylish.com/ Beautylish Inc., a social commerce website for the cosmetics industry.
http://www.apprupt.com/ apprupt is the first premium performance network for mobile in-content ads. Through our extensive network of premium publishers, apprupt provides advertising companies with specifically targeted solutions for context-driven mobile advertising and lead generation.
http://greenphire.com/ Greenphire is the industry leading provider of clinical payment and communication technology solutions. The company was founded with the mission to not only create payment and communication systems specifically designed for the clinical research environment but also to create technologies that both 1) could be configured to meet the unique needs of any study and 2) add additional value outside of simply moving money from point A to point B or facilitating communication from one party to another. $1.5M
http://1000jobboersen.de/ 1000jobboersen.de, a Berlin, Germany-based online service that allows companies to access to over 1000 job portals and social media channels to advertise their open positions.
http://www.paymentus.com/ Paymentus is championing the real-time paradigm in the bill payment industry. Paymentus provides a secure, universally accessible payment network that allows consumers to pay any billing company (e.g. utilities, telecom service providers, financial services firms and retail companies) in real-time using any funding method, including credit cards, debit cards and electronic cheques.
http://www.cocrystaldiscovery.com/ Cocrystal Discovery is a privately funded biotechnology company developing antiviral therapeutics for human diseases. Cocrystal has breakthrough technologies that enable the creation of first- and best-in-class antivirals. $7.5M
http://www.westworldmedia.com/ West World Media, LLC engages in collecting, compiling, and providing showtimes listings and movie data to newspapers. It also provides movie guide and trailers, online ticketing, video services, box office grosses, reviews, and entertainment news; local event listings; music listings, sports coverage, and live theatres in metropolitan areas; special events, including art, comedy, dance, and talks and reading shows; entertainment venue marketing services; $22.5M
https://posterous.com/ Posterous emerged from Y Combinator in the summer of 2008 as an innovative company focused on making blogging simple - as simple as sending an email - and now has more than 15 million monthly users. $5M
http://www.tenmarks.com/ TenMarks’ new educational initiative helps address the need for (math) education to be accessible, affordable and effective. $3M
http://www.gravityrd.com/ Gravity Technologies is a VC financed start-up company - provides best in class recommendation solutions with state-of-the-art user experiences for Internet and e-commerce companies by exploiting the experience learned at Netflix Prize competition. $2M
http://www.easic.com/ eASIC is a fabless semiconductor company offering breakthrough NEW ASIC devices aimed at dramatically reducing the overall cost and time-to-production of customized semiconductor devices. $12.5M
http://www.rentlord.com/ Rentlord is a social platform enabling millions of landlords and tenants to rent homes and spaces entirely online.
http://www.rentlord.com/ Rentlord is a social platform enabling millions of landlords and tenants to rent homes and spaces entirely online.
http://www.workforpie.com/ Work For Pie allows software developers and other technically oriented talent to create a showcase of their relevant skills, real work product and quantifiable experience.


One Kings Lane is the leading flash sales site for the home market, offering members access to spectacular designer home decor, furnishings, accessories, and gifts – at prices up to 70% off retail. $40M
http://www.credorax.com/ Credorax provides online payment processing & acquiring bank services under one roof, to a diverse range of online merchants worldwide.
http://www.activepath.com/ ActivePath’s unique, patent-pending and secure ActiveMail™ 2Way Email Banking System enables organizations to communicate and interact with customers in real-time, enabling customers to transact banking and other services via email. $10M
http://www.crowdtwist.com/ CrowdTwist is a social loyalty and rewards platform that engages and activates a brand’s audience wherever the brand is, both online and offline. Giving brands the ability to track, incentivize and reward customer engagement across any online, social or mobile channel, CrowdTwist grows audiences, strengthens engagement, monetizes users and increases online and offline sales conversions. $6M
http://www.mythucy.com/ Thucy gives users the chance to take, organize, share, and collaborate notes and information across multiple platforms. Users can take simple notes, clip screenshots, take photos, embed videos, create audio and much more. $10k
http://www.arcsoft.com/ ArcSoft, Inc. is an industry leading software developer of multimedia technologies and applications across desktop, mobile and embedded platforms. Working closely with major OEM manufacturers, ArcSoft offers a full line of imaging and video solutions that enhance the features, performance, and user experience of mobile phones, digital cameras, optical drives, personal computers, and consumer electronics devices. $20M
http://www.kytherabiopharma.com/ KYTHERA is focused on science and innovation in aesthetic medicine. This market is expanding rapidly driven by an aging population, increasing discretionary income, and an evolution of patient preference toward restorative and preventative care. The company uses the tools of biotechnology to develop prescription therapeutics for this emerging market. $37.4M
http://www.boulderwindpower.com/ Boulder Wind Power, Inc. engages in designing and manufacturing of wind turbines. $35M
http://www.biobdx.com/ BioBehavioral Diagnostics Company manufactures and markets the Quotient™ ADHD System, a tool that aids in the objective and accurate assessment of ADHD symptoms. They are dedicated to providing physicians, parents and patients with high-value information to guide personalized strategies and to enhance quality of life for patients with ADHD. $3.1M
http://www.glucotec.com/ Glytec LLC is leading the way with next generation glycemic control management systems for over 200 million diabetes patients worldwide. Glytec, LLC offers the only glycemic management system designed to stabilize excursions and maintain glucose levels within a predefined target range utilizing a unique series of safety guardrails that allow patients to achieve normoglycemia quickly and safely while minimizing the risk of cerebral edema, hypoglycemia, cardiac arrest, diabetes ketoacidosis (DKA) and neurological trauma. $8.27M
http://www.nuscriptrx.com/ NuScriptRX is an institutional pharmacy that serves the pharmaceutical needs of long-term care facilities and their patients. $8M
http://www.nuscriptrx.com/ NuScriptRX is an institutional pharmacy that serves the pharmaceutical needs of long-term care facilities and their patients. $5M
http://www.immersivelabs.com/ Immersive builds advertising technology for digital signs that enables retailers and advertisers to deliver tailored messages to customers in real-time. $810k
http://www.achievers.com/ Achievers (formerly I Love Rewards) is passionate about employee rewards and Social Recognition. There software helps globally engage employees and inspire performance. Achievers’ customers include Deloitte, ConAgra Foods and Microsoft. $14M
http://www.heliovolt.net/ HelioVolt’s FASST process eliminates the expense of slicing photovoltaic circuits and assembling individual solar cells into modules. Its line of integrated platform circuits can be adapted to a range of sizes and shapes and applied to almost any construction material including glass, steel, metal, composites and some polymers. $50M
http://w3.lightbasedtechnologies.com/ Light-Based Technology delivers disruptive linear technologies for the control of solid state lighting products. Their solutions are easy to implement and very efficient. They can help you reduce the strain on natural resources from the materials required to manufacture your products while adding beneficial features. $7.5M
http://www.7actech.com/ 7AC Technologies, Inc. develops revolutionary Ultra Efficient Liquid Desiccant HVAC systems for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) buildings delivering a 50%+ reduction in energy costs over conventional HVAC units.
http://www.amromco.com The company’s core business is the enhancement of existing oil and gas fields in emerging markets such as Romania. Amromco is the first private company to produce hydrocarbons in Romania in the past fifty years with first gas production established June, 2003. The company is the Operator of enhancement activities for twenty-eight gas fields in Romania and is actively pursuing other opportunities in Romania and other countries in Central and South East Europe.

Songza Media Inc. has served over 225,000,000 song streams to tens of millions of music fans. The company’s flagship product, Songza.com, is the simplest way for individuals and groups to create customized internet radio stations, for free.
http://www.boston-power.com/ Boston-Power has developed the Sonata technology platform, which is a battery they say charges faster, lasts longer, performs better and is safer than what’s currently on the market. $125M
http://www.magisto.com/ Magisto is a web app that will simply make your video worth sharing. Magisto will take a long and boring video, take the gist of it and create a short and meaningful clip you’d be proud to share. $5.5M
http://www.trustyou.com/ TrustYou is to structure and aggregate the world‘s opinion on local data and products. What can be more exciting than building the largest sentiment database out there? Their passion is to aggregate, structure and understand data. $5M
http://www.simpirica.com/ Simpirica Spine was founded in 2006 to develop minimally invasive, flexion-restricting stabilization devices. $22M
http://www.tokaipharma.com/ Tokai was founded by Apple Tree Partners to in-license and develop endocrine-based therapies for major diseases. $23M
https://www.sailthru.com/ API based Email service provider focused on delivering all automated emails (both transactional and marketing) into the inbox. Provides marketing advice on creating engaging emails that drive traffic and revenues $8M
http://www.grubhub.com/ GrubHub is a web and mobile company where users can enter their address to find all of the restaurants that deliver to their location or offer pickup. People can order online or over the phone. $50M
http://www.practicefusion.com/ Practice Fusion provides a free, web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to physicians. With charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, billing, lab integrations, referral letters, unlimited support, Meaningful Use certification and a Personal Health Record for patients, Practice Fusion’s EMR addresses the complex needs of today’s healthcare providers and disrupts the health IT status quo. $6M
http://www.codaautomotive.com/ CODA Automotive teamed with American partners to develop an American designed and manufactured electric drivetrain as well as battery system electronics to serve as the foundation for the CODA car. $41M
http://www.intelleflex.com/ Intelleflex provides on-demand, data visibility solutions for cold chain and asset management. Its industry-leading XC3 Extended Capability RFID products and technologies enable a range of solutions for perishable food and pharmaceutical temperature monitoring, asset tracking for construction and other remote worksites, vehicle/yard management, security and access control, and other applications. $9M
http://www.numberfire.com/ numberFire is an analytics framework that empowers sports consumers to make smarter decisions. Over 50 million people play fantasy sports or bet on the games, but they are lost when it comes to advice, as most of the content available is opinionated, qualitative, and non-substantive.
http://top10.com/ Top10 is a social recommendation and discovery platform based on crowd-sourced Top 10 Lists. $3.5M
http://www.honestlynow.com/ Honestly Now is a Q&A social game which helps us make awesome personal decisions, together.
http://www.infinisource.net/ Infinisource, Inc. provides compliance and employees benefit administration services. The company provides administration and advisory services for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), HIPAA Portability, state continuation, flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement arrangement, health savings accounts, and transportation reimbursement.
http://www.peerapp.com/ PeerApp provides Intelligent Media Caching software for Internet Service Providers. PeerApp products cache and accelerate content delivery including P2P and HTTP downloads and video streams. $8M
http://www.adaptivity.com/ Founded in late 2007 by veteran IT practitioners who have dedicated their careers to changing the way IT is delivered. Our efforts have resulted in numerous industry awards for leveraging real time infrastructure, virtual datacenters and cloud utility models to deliver business impact. $6M
http://www.evgen.com/ Evgen (www.evgen.com) was founded by serial entrepreneur Dr Stephen Franklin in 2008. The Company is dedicated to commercialising the clinical potential of sulforaphane (and related compounds), a molecule of botanical origin with an exciting and compelling body of scientific literature supporting multiple human healthcare benefits.
http://www.carecentrix.com/ CareCentrix is an ancillary Healthcare delivery system that performs Utilization Management for ancillary services, we offer services on a 24/7 basis and provide a national provider network for health plan carriers.
http://www.bobberinteractive.com/ Bobber Interactive Corporation provides tools to manage money/finances. The company has strategic partnerships with PEAK6 Investments, L.P.; Dove Capital Partners LLC; and Plastyc Inc. Bobber Interactive Corporation was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Seattle, Washington. $1.4M
http://aventurahq.com/ Aventura HQ, Inc., a Denver, CO-based clinical software company. $13M
http://www.klip.com/ Klip’s newly launched free app allows users to capture, share, discover and view mobile videos. While many mobile video apps focus on the capture, editing and sharing of videos, Klip’s focus is on the discovery and providing the highest quality video streaming around for mobile device. $2M
http://www.healthwyse.com/ HealthWyse has grown to be one of the country’s leading providers of clinical and financial software for home care, hospice and private duty agencies.
http://www.thomas-krenn.com Thomas-Krenn has a vision for their own future. Their objectives are on the one hand the values they want to achieve and on the other hand values, they have already achieved and they want to preserve. Dealing with people - customers, suppliers, partners, employees - is human, individual and integrative.
http://neotechnology.com/ Neo Technology is the NOSQL database company for the enterprise. The company’s robust, flexible and scalable graph database engine, Neo4j, is the only database currently available solving complex data challenges for enterprise applications $10.6M
http://www.fitsistant.com/ A service of on-call physical training coaches & scheduling assistants combined with personally tailored fitness software.
http://www.kruxdigital.com/ Krux Digital helps anyone with a website responsibly manage and make profitable use of consumer data by capturing, protecting, connecting, and monetizing consumer cookie information across devices, sources, and formats. $11M
https://www.dropcam.com/ Dropcam is a video monitoring platform designed for the mainstream market. The Dropcam platform includes an online software-as-a-service that allows you to set up a camera on your network and view it from anywhere with an Internet connection. The service also provides easy recording so that you can always go back and check on your stuff. $5.8M
http://www.stitcher.com Stitcher is a personalized mobile radio company that provides convenient access to high quality, on demand, streaming audio on a wide variety of platforms, most notably the iPhone, Android, [iPod touch], and stitcher.com. $10M
http://www.techstars.com/ TechStars is a seed fund. It offers $6,000 per founder to companies that make its list for up to 3 founders. In return, TechStars takes 6% equity in the company in common/founders stock. Company founders spend their whole summer in Boulder, Colorado working in a common space and collaborating when appropriate. TechStars mentors everyone accepted into their program with business and other advice. $24M
http://www.adchemy.com/ Adchemy’s mission is to help advertisers leverage consumer intent to create more effective digital advertising experiences. $61M
http://public.zimride.com/ Zimride makes sharing rides for drivers and passengers fun and easy. It’s a new spin on ridesharing, using social networks to enable real connections. In seconds you can set up a profile, see and book a ride in your area, or post a ride of your own. $6M
https://www.dashlane.com/ Dashlane, a New York City and Paris, France-based consumer Internet startup. Led by CEO Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane is building a consumer Internet application designed to expedite online transactions and activities, enabling mobile and computer users to perform all their online activities with high levels of speed, and security. $5M
http://www.datastax.com/ Cassandra is the most scalable and high performance database for online transactions available. Offering geographic distribution of data across multiple data centers and linear, incremental scalability, Cassandra allows the addition of resources on an as needed basis. $11M
http://www.mintigo.com/ Mintigo offers a powerful Customer Acquisition solution with unparalleled targeting accuracy and prospects conversion levels. $9M
https://www.mylookout.com/ Lookout provides award-winning security to protect your mobile phone from viruses, malware and spyware, the ability to backup and restore your data, and tools to help locate lost or stolen phones. $40M
http://oneononeads.com/ One On One Ads, Inc., a Mahwah, New Jersey-based provider of a technology for mobile and online automated video creation and insertion.
http://www.justfab.com/ JustFabulous is a monthly VIP membership program that grants fashion lovers access to celebrity stylists and the hottest shoes and handbags. $33M
http://www.reardencommerce.com/ Rearden Commerce, a next generation eCommerce platform company, offers Smart Apps, services, content and powerful personalization capabilities that enable relevant and meaningful transactions. $133M
http://www.800apps.com/ 800APPs is a leading software developer and application service provider mainly for customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. They deliver end-to-end CRM solutions that are affordable, practical, and easy to deploy. Apart from CRM, 800APPs.com also provides OA, SCM, DRP, HR, Call Center, POS service and other BIS consulting services.
http://www.independa.com/ Independa subscription services address today’s gap in integrated solutions to deliver cost effective Technology-enabled Independent Living. $1.6M


Innerscope Research, Inc., a Boston, MA-based company that uses neuroscience informed biometrics to deliver audience and consumer insights. $9.4M
http://www.attunity.com/index.aspx Attunity is a leading software vendor for enabling the ‘real-time enterprise’. For nearly two decades they have been supplying the world’s best organizations with enterprise-class software solutions to unlock their information assets wherever they are, and to identify key business events that require immediate action. $3.5M
http://www.cardiokinetix.com/ The Company, based in Menlo Park, has developed a novel transcatheter implant called the PARACHUTETM Ventricular Partitioning Device (PARACHUTETM). The PARACHUTETM intends to treat heart failure resulting from a heart attack or myocardial infarction in millions of patients worldwide by improving overall cardiac function. $44M
http://www.bridgeenergygroup.com/ BRIDGE Energy Group, Inc., is the “Trusted Advisor and Implementation Partner” in Smart Grid IT integration services and software solutions for clients in the Utility industry.
http://www.workforpie.com/ Work For Pie allows software developers and other technically oriented talent to create a showcase of their relevant skills, real work product and quantifiable experience.
http://www.nukona.com/ Nukona is a mobile management company that enables IT organizations to easily secure, deploy and manage corporate applications and enterprise data on company-owned and personal mobile devices.

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